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Hi! I'm Tanya, and I'm the owner of HV Real Estate Media.

HV Real Estate Media specializes in creating engaging digital content including aerial footage.

It serves real estate professionals in the commercial and residential arena.
My goal is to turn someone who scrolls past your marketing images and video into someone who calls or texts you about the listing or commercial property.

I am experienced in Residential Real Estate, Golf Courses, and Commercial Businesses and Special Events.

I get the most joy from creating online video that is experiential and tells a powerful story; sometimes that's with actors, and many times it's with the Agent's own presence.  In any case, I encourage my customers to create differentiating marketing that makes them look great to their Sellers and demonstrates they are at the forefront of modern marketing techniques for Selling or Leasing a property.

If you've been thinking about refining your digital marketing approach, there's no better time than now. Book now or reach out to learn more.

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Phone: 619.573.0918

Book Online here!

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