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Suburban House


Hi! I'm Tanya, and I'm the owner of HV Real Estate Media.

I get giddy when I'm invited to photograph or video a home; whether it's a single-family, townhome, apartment or rental.
Why? I get inspired. I love learning what owners, builders and property managers love about their properties and communities, a
nd I want to capture that when I'm there.


My background in technology and product development for consumers and businesses taught me many things, but one thing I'm most proud of?
Being able to bring my obsessive customer-focus to the business every single day.

I didn't get to do that all the time in tech.

Now I can
, and I love creating experiences that are tailored to busy real estate professionals - every single day. 

Want to talk with me?

Phone: 619.573.0918
Book Online here!

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